Our Process

Encounter Hat Co is the most customizable, high-quality, felt hat company in the world. We have made it as easy as ordering a pizza when you develop your personalized hat online.  You're also welcome to schedule an in-person fitting in which your hat will be molded and cut to your exact preferences and head shape.


Choose a color

Scroll through our Look Book and find which one of our current hat colors fits your style.

Decide on quality

We currently offer a variety of felt qualities including wool, rabbit, beaver, and blends which can be seen once a color is chosen.

Select brim size

Don't know what your size is?  Check out our FAQs to figure out how to size yourself or set up an appointment with us and we will make sure it fits perfectly.

Pick a Crown Style

We can mold your custom hat into many styles like Teardrop, Brick, Hole, or Cattlemen.   If you have a different crease in mind, just show us a picture and we'll make it happen.

Add Your Flare

Accent your new hat with a colored band, belt, feather, pin, or anything you want.  Choose from our stock or find your own flare and we'll incorporate it.